Portland Fire Damage Repair

Fire Damage

Fire is defined as a rapid oxidation reaction with an enormous amount of heat and light being released.

The scientific definition: Oxidation reactions that are exothermic by nature release heat and other by products.

When there is fire, it is accompanied by smoke and soot. These two types of fire damage cause additional damage to properties or materials affected by fire. Fire causes burning. Burning results in physical damage. The extent of the loss of property during a fire mishap is directly proportional to the components of fire namely the heat, the smoke and the moisture involved and their impact on the materials and on other contents.

The areas that apparently seem to be unaffected by any kind of Fire Damage may still be a potential threat because the smoke penetrates deeper within holes and cavities.

Fire Damage

This causes hidden damage or a bad odor. Also, hot smoke flow into cooler regions and into the upper levels of a building. It also flows around pipelines and thus goes up the height of a building ,using the space around them. Yet another major damage is caused by the soot produced when anything goes up in flames. When a fire with low intensity is smoldered, it results in smoke webs.

The smoke webs are smeary, sticky and have pungent odor. They can present quite a task to be removed. However, residues of fire can be dry if the burning is fast and takes place at a high temperature.

Damage By Fire

This is non smeary, powdery and often small and dry. If fire were to affect oily surface or varnish coated objects, they produce invisible residues that cause discoloration and emit extremely pungent odor. The emissions from factory furnaces are oily soot because of the fuel used.

Additionally, the use of tear gas, fire extinguisher and finger print powder also produce a kind of residue that are images of Fire Damage.

Damage From Fire

The extent to which the damage has occurred determines the much needed scopes required for cleaning, repairs and restoration. It is mandatory that unaffected areas are first protected and the Fire Damage pretesting is done before starting the exact restoration.

Some essential dos to follow immediately after a fire:

Fire Damage

Restoration is best handled by professionals

  • Movements within the area should be limited. This prevents the embedding of soot particles into carpets or other upholstery.
  • Hands must be clean. Otherwise woodwork and walls might be further soiled.
  • In case the power supply is switched off, the prop doors of the refrigerator and the freezer must be kept open.
  • HVAC filters must be changed.
  • Air registers must be covered with cheesecloth.
  • Some don’ts to be followed are:
  • Without any professional help, no attempt should be made to wash walls or painted surface.
  • Consult any authorized repair services before attempting to clean electrical appliances that were probably close to fire.
  • Packaged food, beverages or canned food that had been near fire must be discarded.
  • There is every possibility of the wiring getting damaged. Hence the ceiling fixtures should not be used.
  • Garments may retain smoke odor if not properly cleaned.Hence they must be cleaned by a professional dry cleaners.



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